Up to 35 people are feared dead in the horrific Italy avalanche which hit following earthquakes in the reigon.

The video shows the snow that crashed into the Rigopiano Hotel and left a pile of rubble in its wake.

Debris and snow is piled up to the ceiling of the unrecognisable hotel, which is popular with ski tourists particularly from Italy.

The hotel, which is four star and is located in the state of Pescara, is now completely buried in ice and snow with rescuers frantically trying to find the bodies of those inside.

Fabrizio Curcio, Head of Civil Protection, said: “There are thousands of workers in difficult conditions, risking their lives to try to bring relief and assistance to citizens.

“The situation is critical, with two events – bad weather and earthquake – but I say again: we have not lost a minute and I assure you that the whole civil protection system will continue to work and use all necessary resources.”

Emergency services are at the scene of the devastating avalanche in Italy, but their efforts have been hampered by the snow.

Teams of rescue workers, dogs and helicopters have been at the scene this morning to locate the missing people.

There were at least 80 aftershocks over night, including two of 3.5 magnitude.