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Nat Geo Wild’s First Digital Series Premieres

Nat Geo Wilds‘s first digital series will premiere on August 3 onNationalGeographic.com and its YouTube channel, marking its first foray into hosting a fully-fledged digital only series.

Called wild_life With Bertie Gregory, the series is a 16 episode adventure that follows (you guessed it) 23-year-old wildlife cameraman Bertie Gregory on his ultimate mission to track down the notoriously elusive coastal wolves of Vancouver Island. Before that, though, be assured he meets a whole lot of other wild animals along the way.

It’s surprising that Nat Geo Wild has waited so long to offer a full series online, particularly as the network seems keenly aware of the importance of digital. Earlier this month, the print magazine reassured its readers that it has strict policies in place to ensure no photoshop trickery in its published images.

As for the new show, we’re sure it’s likely full of the same jaw-dropping visuals you’d expect from any of the network’s outlets. So, if tracking down a pack of wolves from the comfort of your laptop, phone or tablet sounds like your sort of thing, you’ll want to check out the Nat Geo Wild YouTube channel or Nat Geo Wild homepage starting August 3rd.

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