2-3Last week, Google filed a patent for a drone based medical support system. The medical support system may be implemented by a municipality or another public entity to provide medical support to citizens for free or at an equal cost.

The system employs multiple drones that are configured to provide medical support for various medical situations.

Drones may be preconfigured according to various medical conditions like a cardiac arrest, a car accident and more. The drone may carry the required medicines and various medical devices such as a defibrillator.  The selected drone then travels to the target location to provide medical support.

For example, for a scuba diving accident, the system may include a preconfigured “dive-rescue” drone. The drone includes a flotation device, an oxygen-therapy system, and a system for delivering visual and audible medical care instructions. The drone should be able to reach the diver and deliver medical treatment sooner than would otherwise be possible. When the drone reached in the vicinity of the diver, the drone automatically locates the diver and may drop a flotation device to help the diver stay afloat until the diver can be reached by rescuers. 

Further, once the diver has been rescued, the drone may display visual instructions for CPR, which may help to revive a drowning victim. The instructions will be particularly useful when the diver is rescued by