Researchers have demonstrated that digital data can be stored in DNA.

1.DNA is a good storage because data can be written into molecules more densely than the basic elements of conventional storage technologies can pack it in.

2.DNA is seen as a potential replacement for magnetic tape, which is the standard mechanism for long-term data stores today.

3.Theoretically, according to the research, the process could store up to 300,000 terabytes of data in a fraction of an ounce of DNA — which could last for thousands of years. By comparison, today’s most powerful desktop hard drives hold around 6 terabytes of data, and might last 50 years.


“DNA can also be remarkably durable, particularly when kept cool and dry”.

4.Storing data in DNA requires translating the 1’s and 0’s of binary digital files into long strings of the four different nucleotides, or bases, that make up DNA strands and write out the genetic code.

5.IDC predicts that the worldwide total of stored digital data will hit 16 trillian gigabytes next year, most of it housed in huge data centers. “Scientists estimates that a shoebox worth of DNA could hold the equivalent of roughly 100 giant data centers”.