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Smartphone Blue Light Causes Serious Health Problems

We are happy to see technology making our daily life very handy through the use of it in different fields including cars industry, homes security, medicine and many other fields, but my today’s topic is not about it benefits. In fact, technology brought with it some serious health problems for users.

Nowadays, having a smartphones is a need among children, teenagers, Young Adults and adults. It usage is different from an age category to another, but a huge number of users use smartphones to connect to the world via social web sites. Checking our inbox of messages, notification and news feed is a must. But have you ever thought that smart-phones blue light can cause you serious health problems?

Yes! It is the truth that all of us know, but we still ignore. Blue light emitting from a smart-phone causes changes in sleep pattern, whereby it stops your brain from producing a hormone called melatonin that plays an important role in stimulating sleep. This operation is widely affect users who are addicted on using smart-phone before bed time.

Smart-phones Blue light causes cancer; I recently read an article about a guy who shared a picture of him on social media in which he commented that his eyes were turning red. “He was happy by the way”. But things went serious when his doctor informed him that he caught eye cancer resulting from the immense usage of phone during night.

Don’t let this ruin your body health, as a simple method to avoid this problem, you can activate “night mode” that reduces blue light emission during night usage. Or you can change you screen color temperature by the use of an application that reduces the generated blue light.