Yes, that’s right — you’ll no longer have to travel all the way to America for the Burning Man experience, as Europe is getting its very own version.

According to a brand new stream of information, Burning Man will be taking its unmatched spectacle to the Netherlands in 2017. “Where The Sheep Sleep” will be held from July 29 to 31 in the beautiful Veluwe, an expansive stretch of fields, forests and lakes a three-day “participant-driven event,” meaning there are no spectators, and everyone involved is responsible for their own experience. To register for your chance to attend, visit the event’s Facebook page here.

Organised by the non-profit company associated with Nevada’s Burning Man, Burning Man NL will take place in Veluwe, Netherlands from July 29-31 with Where the Sheep Sleep,

Burning Man NL aims to bring the ideals and philosophies held by its American brother to the Netherlands, including the 10 Principles: radical inclusion, gifting, decommodification, radical self-reliance, communal effort, civic responsibility, leaving no trace, participation, immediacy, and radical self-expression.

“Burning Man Netherlands will bring experiences to people in grand, awe-inspiring and joyful ways that lift the human spirit, address social problems and inspire a sense of culture, community and cultural engagement,” the website states.

To attend, you’ll first need to become a member of the Burning Man NL Facebook group, thenregister for Burning Man NL Event Membership. Only those who register will have access once tickets go on sale.

So start socking up on your best hippie-steam punk garb and all the camping gear you can get your hands on. But just remember, as the site says, “Burning Man is not a festival. It’s a catalyst for creative culture in the world.”

Via the Burning Man NL website