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Anonymous Hackers Shut Down Bank of England And 12 More International Banks

Hacktivist collective Anonymous continues its assault, titled OpIcarus, on the banks of the world with further DDoS attacks on 13 additional international banks. Among others, Anonymous also claims to...

Samsung Just Patented Smart Contact Lenses With A Built-In Camera

Samsung just took another step into science fiction, their new “smart” contact lenses has a built-in camera that activates when you blink. Forget smart glasses: Samsung patents contact lenses with built-in...
Snowden Google Allo

” Don’t use Google Allo “- Snowden

Google unveiled its new chat app, Google Allo, earlier this week. It’s loaded with tons of fun features and even a Google chatbot, but Edward Snowden doesn’t think you...

Pilot by Waverly Labs introduce a world without language barriers

International communication can sometimes be difficult if you don’t know the local language. Sometimes even communicating here at home can be difficult, with so many languages being spoken. Waverly...

Google’s Testing a Big, Small Tweak to Search Results

Do you really care what color the links are? Google is reportedly testing a very small change to its search results that could dramatically change how you view them. Some Google...

The future of Podcasts

Podcasts may not make Apple any direct revenue, but they're still important in an era when Serial and other big shows are drawing in lots of listeners.

50% of Teens Say They’re Addicted to Smartphones

A new poll has found that one in two of teens ..

NASA spacecraft record magnetic explosions above Earth

Space might look like a sprawling, inky abyss, but invisible to the human eye is a wealth of magnetic activity. Earth has a magnetic field called the magnetosphere, which is...

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