Several people have been shot dead in a shooting at a shopping centre in the German city of Munich, police say.

A big operation is under way. Police are telling people to stay at home and avoid the streets.

Several people have also been injured at the shopping centre in the north-western Moosach district.

Reports speak of one attacker. Some shopworkers are reportedly unable to leave the building.

There is no information about a possible motive for the attack.

The security forces have been on alert after a migrant stabbed five people on a train in Bavaria on Monday.

The authorities had warned of the danger of further attacks.

_munich_shooting_map624A man working at a local petrol station said: “We see just ambulances and it’s like firemen and police but all this area is evacuated, all the streets.

“Now [there] are no cars just on the side of the streets. All of the streets are blocked. I see that the people are scared. Everybody are running around.”

Public transport is said to have been suspended as the security operation continues.