anity Fair dubs this the “summer of Margot Robbie,” and we agree. Calvin Klein campaigns, magazine covers and editorials, two blockbusters in theaters in July and August, and that’s just this season alone. Since her breakout performance in Wolf of Wall Street, it seems Hollywood can’t get enough of the Australian actress. Her life growing up in the Gold Coast’s countryside is a stark contrast to where fame has taken her, prompting the question, “Are you the famous woman who does not want to be famous?”

“It’s [true] to an extent, but it’s not the thesis of me as a person,” Margot explains to VF. “When you put it as a thesis, it seems like it’s the only question on my mind. But it’s just one of the questions, one of the things I wonder. How would things be different if I’d made different choices?” Regardless, she’s seizing the opportunity in her accompanying spread in which she sizzles clad in weather-appropriate bathing suits and soaked clothing. That heat wave we’ve been warned about in the news, it’s here.