The 2017 NBA All-Star Game featured it’s usual amount of defense (almost none) which meant we got plenty of incredible highlights from the offensive end. There were dunks and three-pointers aplenty in New Orleans on Sunday night, as well as a few hilarious moments that came out of the game.

We put together the best of the best from Sunday night at the Smoothie King Center, starting with the hometown hero Anthony Davis’ MVP performance, all the way to the NBA MVP getting posterized.

5. Anthony Davis breaking the All-Star scoring record with 52 in New Orleans

From the opening possession the Western Conference team fed Anthony Davis in his home arena, and he ended up scoring 52 in a tremendous MVP performance. Davis had a ton of dunks in the game, but a the off-the-backboard lob in the fourth quarter to get to 50 was the cherries on top of a phenomenal showing.

4. LeBron James going bananas in the first half.

Davis and Westbrook ended up being the high-scorers of the game, but LeBron James did damage in the first half in a major way before resting much of the second half. James threw down a ton of dunks, and even made a near half-court shot just because.


3. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant reuniting for a give-and-go dunk then getting a standing ovation from the bench

The feud between Westbrook and Durant was put to rest, or at least put to the side, in the first half when Durant and Westbrook played together and connected for a sweet alley-oop.


The entire West team made sure to mess with them a bit at the next timeout, giving the two a standing ovation when they got to the bench in a delightful moment.

Westbrook insisted after the game that the lob wasn’t a big deal, shrugging off the brief reunion of former Thunder teammates.

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo dunking on Steph Curry, then Steph Curry lying down to avoid Giannis the next possession

Steph Curry had some great plays of his own on Sunday night, but the reigning two-time League MVP had a rough night on the defensive end of the floor because Giannis Antetokounmpo wouldn’t stop abusing him at the rim.

Steph learned his lesson and while still in the paint, trying to recover, Giannis stole the ball from James Harden and came barreling towards Curry. This time, Steph dropped to the floor and covered his head to avoid getting dunked on again.

It was by far the funniest moment of the All-Star game, but it wasn’t the best moment because Giannis wasn’t done dunking on the MVP.

1. Giannis destroying Curry again anyways

Despite Steph’s best efforts to avoid a second posterization, he just couldn’t shake Antetokounmpo. The Greek Freak came for Curry again later in the third quarter, but this time Steph didn’t see him charging in for the tip dunk and poor Curry got demolished.

Draymond Green and DeAndre Jordan, both Steph’s Western Conference teammates, had amazing reactions on the court after Giannis destroyed Curry. Giannis was the breakout star of his first ever All-Star game thanks to his many dunks and gave us the best highlight of the game.