Solar energy isn’t really the newest or latest technology, but using it to charge your phone is a new concept.

You may think that  exposing  your phone  to  the  elements and leaving it outside,  in the scorching sun, for charging will spell the end for your beloved device.  A gadget that allows you to harness the power of the sun without any harm to your phone.The Solar Charger provides an adhesive surface which sticks to any window or glass surface,allowing it to use solar energy to charge your phone while staying indoors.


“The  lithium battery  in   the charger uses the electricity produced by the solar energy to charge itself and then  the  phone. This means that the charger can give power to your phone, once the battery of the charger has been charge”.

The charger can be placed on any window, allowing you to charge in your office or at home. It can even work in your car and is a great charging source during emergency situations such as power outages. The Solar Charger can even be used outdoors. All you have to do is flip it over and you can charge your phone even when you are out of range of any electrical source.

The charger works with any phone that can charge via USB and comes with both regular and mini USB cables. The charger can be installed on any surface and the reusable silicone paper makes it easy to take off and install somewhere else.