After Samsung published a public apology for the Note 7’s battery issues in newspapers in Korea, the company has released an official apology for its US customers as well. The video features Tim Baxter, Samsung America President & COO. Baxter offers a sincere apology and states that Samsung is fully committed to regaining consumer trust through “a number of unprecedented actions and the extraordinary support of our carrier partners, suppliers and the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission.”

Baxter acknowledges that 137,000 units of the Note 7 have been turned in so far, but the company will be implementing “corrective steps to exchange every single Note 7 on the market.” He also iterates that the “Note 7 with the new battery is safe. The battery cell issue is resolved. And this finding has been affirmed by a recognized, independent lithium ION battery expert.”

The apology video closes out with Baxter imploring those who still have not returned their Note 7 to power the phone down and return it. He also promises that replacement units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be available in the US no later than September 21.