Niantic’s free-to-play Pokemon Go has now brought in $600 million in revenue from its microtransactions, hitting that mark faster than any mobile game in history.

This is according to a new report from App Annie obtained by VentureBeat, counting the money the game has made since launch in July through September.

According to the report, Pokemon Go tallied $600 million in revenue in just 90 days, which comes out to an average of $6.66 million a day. For comparison, Candy Crush Saga needed more than 200 days to reach $600 million, while Puzzle & Dragons (400 days) and Clans of Clans (500 days) took even longer.

The amount of money Pokemon Go makes per day presumably fluctuates. A previous report said the game, at its peak, was pulling in $16 million per day before settling down to $2 million a day. The game lost millions of users recently, but still reportedly adds around 700,000 new players a day.

pokemongo1280-1-1468373120814A recent report said the game had reached 550 million installs, up from the 500 million figure announced in September. Pokemon Go stands to expand even further in the future, as the game has yet to be released in major markets like China and South Korea.

The App Annie report also found that the total amount of time players are spending in Pokemon Go is almost as much as the trailing 19 games combined. “Pokemon Go accounted for 45 percent of the time spent in Android games in the third quarter, compared to 55 percent for the next 19 games.