If you’re trying to decide between a good laptop or a smaller, more flexible option, the new MacBook Pros and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 are strong contenders. While Apple’s offerings are true laptops with a few mobile-inspired perks, Microsoft bills the Surface Pro 4 as a tablet that can replace your laptop.

For the purpose of this comparison, we’re focusing on the two current 13-inch MacBook Pros and the varying configurations of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The Surface Pro is sold as a tablet, but it gains much of its laptop-esque functionality from the add-on (but essential) Type Cover, a detachable keyboard and trackpad extension that’s sold separately.


Apple’s laptops are relatively thin for their size. Meanwhile, the Surface Pro 4 (sans keyboard) is one capacious and hefty tablet – at least compared to mobile-only tablets like the iPad.

Keep in mind that the Surface’s keyboard adds some extra total depth (not factored into this measurement) when it’s folded shut over the screen.