These Videos May Prove Animals Know When They’re Next in Line to Die

Every time we see an animal on the news who’s escaped from a slaughterhouse and gone running through busy streets, dodging cars and fate, we root for the animal.

We root for the animal to live, because we know what the alternative is. But do the animals know?

If slaughterhouses aren’t terrifying places, why would animals risk their lives to escape? Why would they panic when approaching the kill floor?

These videos demonstrate that animals know when they’re in line to die and show how they do everything they can to save themselves.

Freddie the cow began his bid for freedom on a Thursday when he escaped from a slaughterhouse in Queens, New York, and ran through the busy streets of the city. According to reports, his daring escape happened just in the nick of time—he was scheduled to be slaughtered on Friday. Luckily, Freddie’s story ended happily when he was rescued by a sanctuary.