WikiLeaks tweeted Monday that Julian Assange’s internet connection has been cut by Ecuador, the country hosting him in its London embassy.

Earlier in the day, WikiLeaks sent out a cryptic tweet that Assange’s internet access had been severed by a state party and it had “activated appropriate contingency plans” but gave no further information as to what this might mean. It later tweeted that it had “confirmed” that state party was Ecuador.

Assange, the whistle-blowing site’s controversial founder, has been living inside Ecuador’s embassy in London for more than four years to avoid extradition to Sweden and then to the US, where he would likely be charged with espionage. He is currently in the process of publishing a slew of documents relating to Google and the US presidential election.

In a press conference on October 4, Assange promised 10 weeks of new publication to celebrate the site’s 10th anniversary. On Saturday, WikiLeaks tweeted that it had posted the full transcripts of paid speeches that Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton gave to Goldman Sachs.

The latest tweet says Assange’s access was cut Saturday, “shortly after publication of Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speechs (sic).”

It is not clear whether the lack of internet reported by WikiLeaks targeted only Assange, or whether the entire embassy has been affected.