Nina Kraviz was last night officially named as Nina Kraviz’s biggest fan in an award ceremony in Irkutsk, the Russian DJ’s hometown.

Kraviz reportedly made a clean sweep at the Annual Nina Kraviz Awards ceremony, winning all ten awards that were up for grabs on the night.

The ceremony, hosted by Kraviz herself and featuring numerous guest performances by Kraviz, was deemed a “major success” by none other than Nina Kraviz.

Wunderground managed to grab a few words with Nina shortly after the ceremony ended:
“It feels really great to have done a complete clean sweep for the third year in a row. It’s a very proud day for me and hopefully for everyone else who got to watch me accept all of the awards. It’s not everyday you get to be so close to greatness so I hope the minions of this little town really appreciate all that I do for them.”

nina-kraviz 1“I’m not surprised to have won all of the awards again,” continued Kraviz, who hosted the ceremony for the third consecutive year, since it’s inception in 2014.
“The competition wasn’t very strong this year. I was a little bit worried that Carl Cox might beat me to the Best Resident award, you know with Space closing this year and me not really having any residencies, but somehow I still managed to win.”

Some of the other awards won by Kraviz, who is the sole member of the judges panel for the Annual Nina Kraviz Awards, include: Best Female DJ/Producer, Best Male DJ/Producer, and Best International Act, while her 2013 album, Mr Jones, was inducted into the Nina Kraviz All Time Greatest Albums Hall of Fame, alongside her 2012 self titled album, Nina Kraviz.