Eric Prydz took to the road in America earlier this year with his ‘EPIC 4.0’ show, and invited cameras behind the scenes to see what it’s like to tour with one of the biggest artists in the world.

Featuring interviews with Prydz, as well as Zane Lowe and the ‘EPIC 4.0’ team as they take his four-dimensional cube between Los Angeles and New York, the video shows the preparation that goes into such a large scale production.

‘EPIC 4.0’ has seen three earlier versions, with the latest one of the most technologically advanced shows created for the live stage. As well as talking about his inspiration for the production, Prydz also outlines how he strives to innovate in music whilst out on the road and is constantly surprised when he sees performances of his live show played back.

Watch the exclusive look inside Eric Prydz’s ‘EPIC 4.0’ live show below.