Apple patents Minority Report-style 3D gesture control interface

Apple patent is directly pointing to system operation like those in Minority Report.

Most of us, not only fans, remember how Tom Cruise operates a computer with something like a glove back in 2002 when Minority Report materialized on the big screen.

Based on a popular Sci-Fi short story by the great Philip K. Dick, John Anderton aka Tom Cruise operates a computer neatly without touching anything. The system interpreted any movement of his fingers in 3D and manipulated the interface superfast as if he touched it.

Now we also know Apple and how they approach things, even though its mojo might’ve been missing (or just was mislead) in some of their latest products. But telling and abstracting from this new patent Apple’s been obviously thinking about Minority Report too and a patent granted the firm shows such an interface.

What the patent describes, is a device that watches the user’s hands and hence interprets movement to perform an interaction with the interface. These movements include hand motion, fingertip movements, and pen grip detection.

The system would even interpret the synchronized movements of multiple fingertips, allowing a deeper interaction than just moving fingers around. This Minority Report UI seemingly comes to life given the interaction described in the patent.

Yes, similar systems have been tested lately, as Leap Motion’s own Minority Report-style gesture controller gets more impressive,

but now Apple says that:

“identification and classification of intuitive hand configurations and motions enables unprecedented integration of typing, resting, pointing, scrolling, 3D manipulation, and handwriting into a versatile, ergonomic computer input device”.

Thus providing us a patent with a richly variant method of working an interface with just the hands.

Let’s just hope that Apple remains bold enough to try and develop this thing so that not only fans of the movie might one day be happily surprised.