Spotify ads you hear will start to match the vibe of your playlists.

If you’re a Spotify user, your friends and family aren’t the only ones who are able to check out your playlists.

The popular streaming service is now the latest platform that is opening its data to targeted, programmatic advertising. Everything from your age and gender, to the music genres you like to listen will be targetable by participating third-party companies.

Brands placing ads on the platform will be able to target their promotions to specific listeners, based on personal demographics and even playlists and taste.

In short: Spotify ads will soon start getting very, very personal.

Advertisers will have access to the 70 million people who use Spotify’s free, ad-supported streaming across 59 countries. These buyers will be able to look for user groups who might be the best matches for the products they’re selling.

The company says:

This is available globally across Spotify’s 59 markets. Buyers can target audiences by age, gender, genres and playlists — all in real-time.

Today’s release rounds out one of the most diverse programmatic offerings in market, now expanding across display, video and audio, with industry-leading viewability topping 95 percent. We’re now one step closer to our goal of making all of our innovative ad experiences available programmatically.

If rumors from this week that the streaming service is finally planning an IPO for next year are true, Spotify will need all the new opportunities for money it can get.