The world record for the longest ever round-the-clock DJ set has been beaten twice within a matter of days by two different Nigerian DJs.

Lagos based DJ Obi started his world record attempt on June 22 and finished up a staggering ten days later on July 2, amassing a total of two hundred and forty consecutive hours behind the decks. Obi’s marathon set smashed the previous record of two hundred hours set in Dublin by Polish DJ Noberto Loco last year.

Just days after Obi’s sensational achievement, another Nigerian DJ, Honest John Abayomi, claims to have set an even more impressive record with a massive four hundred hour set.

While there is no actual footage of Honest John’s set currently accessible, the DJ has promised to make it available to anyone who fills out a simple questionnaire about finances, banking and their mother’s maiden name.

Honest John, who has links to the Central Bank of Africa and access to funds of hundreds of millions of dollars, is believed to have sent approximately two hundred and fifty thousand emails to dance music fans offering the exclusive chance to be one of the first people to witness his grueling fete.

“I guarantee that you will not be disappointed by my mix if you take the time to fill out my questionnaire,” claimed the DJ earlier. “I have also just discovered that my cousin, who is a lawyer for the Nigerian government, represented a very rich person from your country who shares your surname.”

“This client has unfortunately passed away and left a bank account containing over ten million American dollars, with no next of kin this money will simply go to waste,” he explained in a very convincing manner. “I would like to nominate you as his heir and help you receive all of this money, apart from a small administrative fee which I will take. Everybody wins.”

So far, only a small number of American EDM fans have responded to Honest John’s emails.