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CDC Says 157 Pregnant Women In US Infected With Zika

The Centers for Disease Control announced Friday morning that 157 pregnant U.S. women have tested positive for the Zika virus. This is the first time the agency had disclosed the...
Hillary Clinton Selection

Hillary Clinton Says ‘There’s No Way I Won’t Be’ Democratic Nominee

During an interview on CNN on Thursday, the Democratic presidential candidate essentially called the primary race over. "I will be the nominee for my party," she said, bluntly. "That's already...

Creating synthetic human genome is next

If a synthetic human genome sounds like something out of science fiction, you aren’t paying close enough attention. In fact, scientists met on May 10 at Harvard University to discuss...

At Berlin Democrat meeting, Sanders beats Clinton 9-4 SPD headquarters was given over to US politics. Democrats residing outside of the United States chose the 13 delegates for the 2016 party convention in Philadelphia - and...

Ajax lose the title in the last match of the season

All over Europe, people have been enjoying and sharing in the fairytale...

This Is What Happened to the Woman Who Painted Donald Trump With a Micro-Penis

  For artist and painter Illma Gore, the human body is the ultimate work of art. The young artist also believes art is supposed to evoke emotion — and her...

These Videos May Prove Animals Know When They’re Next in Line to Die

If slaughterhouses aren’t terrifying places, why would animals risk their lives to escape?

Panama Papers goes public

A group of investigative journalists made live the names of thousands of offshore companies

Game of Thrones again is the world’s most pirated TV show

For the fourth year in a row, Game of Thrones..

Edward Snowden: Osama Bin Laden Is “Alive And Well In The Bahamas”

The NSA whistleblower claims to have documents proving that Bin Laden is still on the CIA’s bankroll and that he’s living a life of luxury in the Bahamas. After Edward...

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