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Google's camera product manager Issac Reynolds has posted the first gallery from the company's upcoming Pixel smartphones, which received the highest DxOMark Mobile score to date.While we can't be sure if any processing has been conducted, we think the results  look promising.  You can view and download the originals on Reynolds' Google Photos page.
A good photo is a properly exposed photo, and all that means is the right amount of light hits the photo in all the right places. I always had a vague understanding of my camera’s exposure settings. I knew they had something to do with the lighting situation. But when I bothered to learn how exposure actually works, my...
Each year Red Bull honors the challenges of action photography with Red Bull Illume Photo Awards. This year the tradition has not changed. 5,645 photographers over 120 countries attended the contest and there were 34,625 in total. This is the highest number since the contest started in 2007. Here are the breathtaking winners of 2016!
The margins of human civilization house some of the greatest secrets and mysteries. With globalization encroaching more and more on those that try and maintain their unique ways of life, it’s incredible to observe those that persevere.This is what makes the Dukha people of Mongolia so fascinating. The nomadic tribe has lived in the region for centuries. During that...
What would happen if you combine the proper lighting with objects? Do you think these would be enough to create an artistic composition? Well, Belgian artist Vincent Bal has prepared some solid arguments for you! We are sure that you'll be impressed by the creativity of Vincent's art of the shadows. 😊 You can follow Vincent Bal
Doutzen Kroes is flaunting her body as the new face of Dutch lingerie brand Hunkemöller. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel strips down while wearing her hair in bombshell waves and sultry eyelashes. In addition to the campaign, Doutzen will collaborate with the label on a collection called ‘Doutzen’s Stories’. The blonde wears a mix of lingerie sets, bodysuits and bralettes...
Black Water Photograph by Jakir Hossain Rana, National GeographicSeen from above, a small boat travels the Buriganga River, thick and dark with pollution, in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Though the water is filled with human and industrial waste, millions depend on it for their livelihood and transportation. “The Buriganga is economically very important to Dhaka,” Your Shot photographer...
Crawling on the ground for hours at a time in the midst of winter at the mouth of a cave doesn’t sound like an especially fun time, but for Finland-based photographer Konsta Punkka it’s a significant sacrifice to get the excellent photograph … of a fox. At the age of only 21, the budding wildlife photographer has proven himself...
Jonathan Nimerfroh, a photographer who describes himself as “obsessed” with the ocean, found something most of us have never seen – nearly frozen waves. He captured these amazing photographs of slushy winter waves near his Nantucket home. For more photos of slurpee wave images, you can find here. via Jonathan Nimerfroh
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